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pürlikör pear williams

pür•likör pear williams is subtly fragrant and balanced. It captures the essence of the capricious Williams pear and at its heart is an exquisite 'eau-de-vie' crafted from the finest heirloom fruit. Balanced, refined, uncompromised — its subtle sweetness is light on the palate and emphasizes the genuine pear flavor. To experience the finesse of the williams pear, sip it neat or serve with ice for an effortlessly elegant aperitif. Cocktail lovers will discover its luxurious personality in classic and modern mixed drinks. Mix with complex & high end base spirits such as mezcal, scotch, bourbon, and rye whiskey.
25% alc./vol. (50 proof)

download pear williams sales sheet (pdf)
download pear williams recipe sheet (pdf)
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pür•likör elderflower liqueur - weaving Bavarian tradition with perfectionism and nature’s whimsy.

The flavor of this classic Bavarian elderflower liqueur has evolved out of a refinement process that dates back centuries. True to its tradition as an herbal elixir, pür•likör elderflower is made exclusively from Sambucus Nigra elderflowers in accord with the seasons when the elderflowers are in bloom in spring. pür•likör elderflower is a deep gold, herbaceous, dry style elderflower liqueur ideal for mixing as it complements other ingredients without dominating the cocktail. Let pür•likör elderflower’s versatility inspire you to create magic cocktails. A perfect companion for champagne & gin. Pairs well with grapefruit, cucumber and mint.
22% alc. /vol. (44 proof)

download elderflower sales sheet (pdf)
download elderflower recipe sheet (pdf)
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pürlikör spice, blood orange liqueur

Aromatic blood oranges, hints of apricots spiced with cinnamon and cloves. The creation of superior liqueurs is a form of art that has been perfected with pür•likör spice. Handcrafted in our artisanal distillery, this intensely flavorful spiced blood orange liqueur balances the sweetness of the blood orange with the spice of cinnamon and cloves. It is a pleasure to sip and serves as a distinctive accent in cocktails where its intensity stands up well to brown spirits such as whiskey or aged rum and tequila.
25% alc./vol. (50 proof)

download spice sales sheet (pdf)
download spice recipe sheet (pdf)
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pürspirits blackthorn, sloe gin

Sloe gin is a glorious liqueur made by steeping sloe berries in gin with just a touch of sweetness. Sloes are highly astringent but when macerated in gin, they lend warming bitter sweetness and fresh acidity to the resulting liqueur.
Delicious, dark and warming, sloe gin was traditionally enjoyed in the depths of winter, but its unique color and flavor also combine wonderfully with a wide variety of spirits to make spectacular cocktails. Try as a sloe gin and tonic!
30% alc./vol. (60 proof)

download blackthorn sales sheet (pdf)
download blackthorn recipe sheet (pdf)
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pur likor beerbrand - spirits distilled from malted barley
pür•geist bavarian hop-flavored whisky

pür•geist bavarian hop-flavored whisky is distilled from a richly malted bock-style beer with the addition of hops. The result is a dry and smooth sipping whisky that showcases the characteristics of both malt and hops. pür•geist is aged in bourbon barrels and finished in vintage grappa casks made from chestnut wood to instill refined floral nuances. No caramel color, no chill-filtration, no climate control, no mass production. Sip neat at room temperature. Strictly limited availability.
42% alc./vol. (84 proof)

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pur likor beerbrand - spirits distilled from malted barley
pür•spirits aperitivo zamaro

Aperitivo zamaro is an aperitif-style amaro inspired by the bounty of botanicals found in Bavaria's northern alpine environment. The perfect amount of bitterness is balanced by subtle sweetness, astringency, acidity, floral and herbal notes to create optimal balance. Aperitivo zamaro does not contain artificial ingredients and is colored with the bright red of real natural cochineal only. Try in an americano cocktail or a negroni.
23% alc./vol. (46 proof)

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